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Since this is a sensitive topic, and discussing it usually leads to digression, fallacy, etc., I ll try to present my case in a simple and concise manner.

Religion boils down to three core principles:

1) Understanding or fearing the unknown
2) Individual/group illusion of hope
3) Individual/group gain

Now I shall depict each of those principles with an example story, which consists of of Neanderthal 1 and Neanderthal 2 (N1/ N2 in the rest of the text) talking to each other:

N1: The lightning killed all of our sheep!
N2: We must ve done something to displease the Lightning God.
N1: Let us sacrifice some of the goats, so we won t lose all next time.

N1: Our people are dying of a terrible disease, what did we do to deserve this?
N2: God of Health is displeased with our ways, let us pray to him and hope that he will forgive us.
N1: If things get dire we may need to offer a life sacrifice from our tribe, so the rest will be spared.

N1: The Sun God told me that you must give me all of your bananas.
N2: If the Sun God says so, please take them.
N1: All for the glory of the Sun God!

So..the next time you re making cross sing in a Orthodox Church, or taking your shoes off while entering a Mosque, or whatever you do in the name of your respected religion..please put a finger on your forehead and REALLY think about what you re actually doing.

That s it for now.


by Demiurge - ©️®️ Archbishop of Perpetual Deliverance


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Ai booooi... Comments about [insert random made up character name that people call by god] being the only true god and that you are heretic/infidel/fagit(you are fagit, btw) comming! Also, people will report this article IN THE NAME OF [insert random made up character name that people call by god]
Or... you fail to recognize the essence of religions?
Nope..I just rounded it up 3 large spectrums.
More on religion: https://youtu.be/rmmb6eKLqDA
Well, in the way you put it, religion sounds like something really strange, something that have roots in the dark ages and that belongs to the dark ages. But the religion, after all, shows us a way to believe in some things. Want an example? Please try to tell me where did the life on earth come from. Or where did the Earth come from? You can tell me all the scientific stuff about metabolism, cells, bacterias, evolution etc, but there is no available knowledge about the exact starting point. Some people believe that some random atoms got together, there was some kind of random spark and it all started, others believe that some kind of deity made that spark, others believe that some kind of entity formed all the world around us and the whole evolution stuff is just a myth. I agree that many people believe in the things from your article, but not all of us. Remember - until you find real proof for something, all of the science is some kind of religion as well (in the past the physicists believed about the existence of ether in the space)
Yes Jellal I know..the innate search for meaning.
you re right. i did a lot of research about all religion for 7 years ( Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhist, Hinduism and even atheism ... ) but the only thing i can say with certainty is god is definitely exists. i know all religion have some defect but it doesn t mean god its just a delusion and does not exist. i read holy Quran 3 time in Arabic and 2 time in Persian, i read several jewish books and holy Bible but they all say one thing : [ GOD is real, heaven and hell is real, all human beings are equal, judgment day is Certainly exists ] if you re still not convinced i suggest read random 20 page of holy Quran
@Smoq I love you bro ^^ Remember - until you find real proof for something... whats your proof? A book? ^^ Do you also believe in Superman, Spiderman, Batman etc. ? There are also books about them... ( some people call those books comics)
Superman, Batman, Bible, Quran..all good stories.
It s not innate... I can t talk about Islam, or Judaism, but maybe I can a little bit about Christianity? You present FEAR as an essence of religion, but it is not in this example. The essence of Christianity is LOVE.
@Pernumbra about and they all say one thing ... well all those books you mentioned are writen by some guy to prove that there is a god... Do you really think he would write there is no god??? xD lol judgment day and hell are just there to scare people and heaven is there to motivate them...
Also, I never said that I m pro-science..that s just you guys reading the text with a wrong presumption. Religion and science have that in common though: a best possible guess/theory.
@Demiurge whenever read all 6236 Quranic verse then say Quran is good story
In religious books you need to make difference, what is important for today and what is not so important. First, need to understand the time when they was written. It was important to explain origin of the humans and origin of the world because science was not developed enough. Today, religious books are important to understan concepts of values, what is right and what is wrong.
@Black Wolf you think judgment day and hell are just for scare people? okay, no problem but what about humanity? humanity is bad or good?
Nice one 😁
@Penumbra Humanity??? Ok look around the globe and tell me where is humanity? ^^ What went wrong when god was creating humanity so we live in shitty world like this one? Laugh Do you think people in Africa are equal with you? Kids are dying of hunger there just because they were born in wrong place? Is that a humanity god created? ^^ I guess when god was implementing humanity in humans he coded some bug ^^
Being deist is the best way
@Black Wolf you re blame god for human mistakes, kids are dying because of Colonization of greedy countries if you read history you know i m right
GOD is made by people to control other peoples with rules and frames.
@Penumbra but who created humans that way?^^ Why didn t god make us be friendly, nice, sharing, care for eachother... bla bla ? @BEAT exactly Wink btw there is no peoples just people ^^
@BEAST you definitely believe in it god is not real so life after death is a lie and after death you turns into nought, right? so what you are waiting for? kill you self and end your life when you believe after death you ll turns into nought
@Black Wolf its our fault we are not friendly, nice, sharing, care for each other. racism made by god or us? god start wars or us? global warming is god fault???? or Ozone layer perforation is god fault????
@Penumbra Ok I see clearly you don t understand me so lets compare eRev with real life just to make it easy to understand... in eRev we don t have god but we have Admins and developers who created this game... They have coded some features in this game like fight train and so on.... and we as players can only do what they created... back to real life now... WHY DID GOD CREATE BAD STUFF? and your response to BEAST is dumbest i ve seen in a while ^^ same as if say to you why do you work/go to school... just go sit in the corner so you can harm anyone and wait to dye then you will go to heaven and have a nice time forever ^^ right?
@BEAST actually, you are right dude, whenever religions accompanied with politics and use religion for their goals, people followed they like fools
@Black Wolf i don t believe in religions but i believe god and life after death. Albert Einstein said : “Before God we are all equally wise and equally foolish.” no one can say god is real or god is t real for both of them are enough reasons but with Today s knowledge we can t answer thees questions about god
@Demiurge @Black Wolf @BEAST it was a good conversation with you guysLaugh
Again, judging for the comments, some of you guys are reading in some of your own prejudices, that I NEVER mentioned. So, let me break it down for you: refuting religion isnt equal to refuting the concept of GOD. Religion is a man-made construct. GOD as a concept should be discussed as a separate issue.
o7 in Perú a lot of people think like you. Myself too.
yeah, if you think that lightning, health and bananas are the main priority of religions it makes sense, but since in most religions that is not the case i can say this article does not have any real sense xD. People can believe or not in whatever they want, God, the Sun, themselves, nothing, a flying space ship, whatever, it does not really matter, everybody deserves a basic respect and not to be offended by what they feel or believe. The only case when we must not have tolerance is when someone think they can hurt other people because they believe that the Sun, God or the space ship wanted that aggressive behavior.
Step outside that box that is your mind, sept77.
@Penumbra, congratz! Religion was given to us by the parents of our parents. I respect my religion as I respect my parents.
Religion and science have that in common though: a best possible guess/theory. I absolutely agree Smile And a little addition: In my opinion, most of modern day religions give some advices about what we should consider during our lives. Some of them give it more straightforward, some o them give it more hidden, but if someone read (meaning think through the data written to the ancient people and really consider what the author had in mind), it may be a very developing experience. Sorry for the first comment - I just thought you think of the religion just as some kind of sect created to make people be more obedient (and nothing more).
I d like to burn you in a bonfire because of those words.
I believe banana. Its delicious and ımmm hard.
In god we Trust 🤘
there are many religions but only one faith, good examples you have but you miss the faith and the revelation, i will remind you that in orthodox churches we believe in the relevation of God and we are not seeking it
Cheeky from an agnostic to an atheist i assume Cheeky i agree with what you say but you really can not be sure that there is no being in control of everything , for me that being is Physics xD
I m neither..I just don t like glorified fairy tales. Cheeky
I am the only one here that thinks, what different does it matter if it s real or not. it s the energy in a certain belief that gives people as a pure power. All we need to make sure is to get along with all differences and not to make our belief as the reason for ruling everyone else. BTW, for me vegetarians and animal rights movements(I m making a big generalization here and sorry for that and do believe their opinions are legitimate, although I do not support them) are the same as religion followers. they have their own radicals to act in their names
Science and scientists have their own problems but you can t say that science is like a religion. In science we have a materialist approach, it means that we can only talk about things which have a real existence, (can touch it, see it, mesure it). Religion is more about feels. Science never talk about angel, deamon, heaven or that sort of thing cause of this. Scientists know the limits of science pretty well, we all know that everything is based on induction and that induction can t proove anything. But since we don t have anything better to taste the physical world, we use it. Religion is more about feelings and talking about things you can t see by your life, it s why there are many theory about god, but only one or two about gravity.
By the way i had a really cool work with an Iranian physicist. Best way to gift god is to understand the world we live was one of his favorite sentence.
Even if there are any form of the so called Gods, it isn t necessary to do some certain actions to show then respect, thus that shows their Gods are just assholes wanting unconditional obedience, my loved ones don t require me to act like slaves, like a sinner to prove my love for them
Most of you presumes that God is somewhere outside...instead to start searching the God inside of you. If you try to understand concept of God as your best version, your ideal, it would be quite different. As long as you believe and expect God to be somewhere in the heaven, resolving all the issues on the world, you will promote your own irresponsibility and not having the Will to face the problems. Recognize the God in yourself, and you will got the power to stand and start making difference, instead of just complaining and crying because of the injustice in the world around you.
For the N-th, I was talking about religion not about GOD. The concept of GOD is something innate and ENTIRELY individual.
Every Man a God
There is only one god and we all have pieces of his soul. people who have religion are smarter according to science. we just use more of our brain to understand the vast reach of his essence.
one thing that people tend to forgot is religion (at its purest form) can also be seen as a moral guide line before all the humanity rights became a thing and provided a common ground to to a build a basis for some of the fundamental laws that we (Have to) abide even to this day, while im not saying its as important or effective today as it was 2000 or maybe 1000 year ago you can t deny that the promise of heaven and hell did have somewhat of an effect on society back then.. even today its an awesome tool to brain wash people...(like seriously look at all those friendly suicide bombers)