Mission impossible [7]

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                                                2 Questions about this mission:


              ● Those who will not do this mission will not have access to future missions?

              ● I already have 5 referrals, for me will be very hard to find new others !!!
                 Why is not retroactive task for those who already have 2 or more referrals?



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Yea and now look mission no:8 > new 5 invited players...
V7. This mision its a future problem. =/
I even had players with low lvl registred not long ago..and one of them made lvl 20 today, it didnt count.
vrajeli de adormit copii...
It's a trap
credeam ca scap de asa ceva, ca numa erep vrea asta. dar se pare ca nu or bagat-o si aci si mai e si obligatorie.
same as BattleHero, my friend made it to lv 20 today and it not even counted
"We are admins. The old players are tired of this game, lets bring new ones". -Probably Admin
to reccomand this game to my friends... How to do that? maybe something like: Hey buddy, wana join new game that im playing, fight for your country, produce stuff, sell them, and dont waste your money as game is bugged with issues that admins wont solve, like heli factories . I will only recommend this game to real friends if i think game is worth and im not so convinced it is.
Voted ...
I love these missions when . Not going to go beyiond it Smile
You're damn right! V+
Mission 8: Professional Society Builder Invite 5 more friends with your referral link and help them reach level 20 and build your country society. DAMN
Besides, the beginning is not the most user-friendly i've seen, and for example, during the baby boom of France, most babies left just beacause they didn't want to search to understand the basics of this game.
exact: "Why is not retroactive task for those who already have 2 or more referrals?"
I would not punish my FRIENDS with this game... so I will not be doing this mission.
i think its not bad that much u thing for example i start invite and i have 3-4 active invites and u can see , today we had about 60 new player in iran , and its a trap for multi makers too , game is better place with out them ...
I agree, this mission is a problem.
stupid mission, I totaly aggre with the article
Yes, agree
And when admins did something good? Last 12 updates only 1 was lets say "fine" rest of them are crap.
remove 7,8 mission
BS Mission, only encourages the setting up of multis....Sad This could be it for me with this game.
These missions wont be a requirement for any future missions ( you dont need to complete missions 7 and 8 to do missions 9,10, 11 etc. when we add more missions).
Ботомісія Wink
Totally agree !!!!
wooooow f... !!!!
I ve succesfully invited 3 ppl and they ve reached lvl20. My mission is completed! I m not inviting 2 more! signed!
I invited player in game just before the mission started. He reached level 20 today, and did't count to mission. still 0/2
" Why is not retroactive task for those who already have 2 or more referrals? ". Following this logic, for example when a new mission to hit 100 times to finish the mission - anyone who ever hit 100 times from the start of the game should already have it completed ? These two missions are meant to reward players for further expanding the community, and like I said before they are not required for any future missions that we may add.
Ok moderator Smile
I agree with Biskvit BUT, it is a real temptation for casual to multi (and there is enough multi accounts >
I agree with Biskvit! I think the same, but owner eRebollution, dont think the same !!?
Silly missions